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TEMTO issue Drum Lens

TEMTO is your strategic partner for your technologies! We have full experience in optical design, coating design, prototyping, and assembly capabilities. In this issue, we would like to recommend our new product -- Drum Lens to you.
A Drum Lens is a variation of a ball lens where a portion of the ball is ground down to a smaller diameter. These
lenses are used in similar applications to those of ball lenses.For example, compact fiberoptical components, laser system, micro optical devices, optical assemblies etc...
í˝Cylindrical Sides with Convex curvatures
í˝Typical Ball lens Performance
í˝High Transmittance
í˝Low Reflectance
í˝Accurate Wavelength manipulation
í˝Optical Measurement Systems
í˝Projection Optics System
í˝Imaging Optics Systems
í˝Astronomical Optics
For Drum Lens specifications and more information, please refer to website
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