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Anamorphic Prism

Anamorphic Prisms used to change the dimension of a beam in one axis, the effectbeing analogous to that of a cylindrical lens. Depending on the orientation of theprisms, the beam size may be either reduced or expanded and the amount of change isvariable depending on the angular position of the prisms.

Material SF11 grade A fine annealed optical glass
Dimension (A,B) Tolerance +0.00/-0.15mm
Dimension (C) Tolerance 0.1mm
Clear Aperture >85%
Surface Quality 60-40 S/D




/8 per 25mm @632.8nm

Protective Bevel <0.25mm x 45


MgF2 single layer on perpendicular surface

Anamorphic Prism Standard Products:

Part No.

A (mm)
B (mm)
C (mm)



Note: Other sizes and coatings are available upon request.

The general tolerance specifications above provide a guideline regarding manufacturing capabilities for optics ranging in size from 1-100mm. The manufacturing limits are not absolute; tighter tolerances may be possible. Part specific tolerances may vary depending on component size, shape, and/or material.

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