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High Reflective Coatings

Dielectric Coating provides high reflectance over a broad bandwidth. Ideal for a tunable laser or in white light applications, used in 250nm~2200nm. It is generally used in single wavelength laser cavity where the lowest cavity loss at a center wavelength is essential.

Metallic Coatings have low peak reflectance, mechanical durability and high damage threshold. Insensitive to angle of incidence and polarization, used in near-UV, visible and near-IR.

Dielectric High Reflective Coatings (DHR)
Dielectric coating can produce very high reflection (more than 99.8% at designed wavelength), minimizing losses in nearly all optical systems and is very durable, easily cleaned, and resistant to laser damage. They are commonly used in a single wavelength laser cavity where the lowest cavity loss at a center wavelength is essential. Center wavelength range from 250nm to 2200nm for DHR coatings.

Protected Aluminum High Reflective Coatings (PAHR)
For general broadband use, a protected aluminum coating offers the best option. A SiO2 coating is used to protect the delicate aluminum coating making it suitable for laboratory and industrial use.

UV Enhanced Aluminum High Reflective Coatings (EAHR)
Aluminum coated mirrors are cost effective and offered in a variety of sizes. Bare aluminum is extremely delicate and susceptible to damage. A protective overcoat is layered over the aluminum to make it damage resistant. Our UV Enhanced coating is made by using an overcoat of MgF2 which is transparent in the UV allowing R>80% @200nm. Widely used in where the consistent high reflection in a wide spectral rang and UV is necessary.

Protective Silver High Reflective Coatings (PSHR)
Silver has been the material of choice because it reflects well from 400 to 1000 nm over a broad range of angles. But bare silver tarnishes and corrodes in normal atmospheres, potentially reducing amplifier performance over time. To avoid this, our new coating designe consists of adhesion and passivation layers on each side of the sputtered silver, improving mechanical and chemical durability; a layer of silicon nitride, which improves mechanical durability and protects from corrodants; and metal oxide layers that return reflectance to acceptable levels.

Protective Gold High Reflective Coatings (PGHR)
Gold is the most efficient reflective coating throughout the entire IR range.

Spectral Curves
Part No.: DHR
Dielectric High Reflective Coating
0indident: R0>99.8% @1064nm
45indident: R0>99.5% @1064nm (Rs>99.9%, Rp>99.2%)
Part No.: PAHR
Protected Aluminum High Reflective Coating
Ravg>87% @400~1200nm

Part No.: EAHR
UV Enhanced Aluminum High Reflective Coating
R>80% @200nm
Ravg>93% @400~1200nm

Part No.: PSHR
Protected Silver High Reflective Coating
Ravg>95% @450~12000nm
Part No.: PGHR
Protected Gold High Reflective Coating
Ravg>98% @2000~12000nm
Note: The above coatings are just a standard ones for your reference. TEMTO will design a most suitable one for your products according to your detailed requirements. To make sure the products get the best performance.

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