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Partial Reflective Coatings

Partial reflective coating is always used in beamsplitters application. There are some kinds of partial reflective coating.

Single Wavelength Partial Reflective Coatings (SPR)
When a narrow wavelength radiation is incident on SPR coating, part of the radiation is reflected and the other part is transmitted. This coating always show a high reflectivity for S-polarization radiation and high transmission for P-polarization radiation. The main application of this coating is for a beamsplitter with 45 angle of incidence. It is the most commonly used, low-cost anti-reflection coating, and widely used in Lens & Prism, Input & output surface.

Broadband Wavelength Partial Reflective Coatings (BPR)
BPR coating has similar performance to that of SPR coatings. However, BPR coating can split the incident radiation over a wide spectrum, not SPR. It can be widely used to split the incident radiation over a wide spectrum.

Spectral Curves
Part No.: SPR
Narrowband partial reflective

Part No.: BPR
Broadband partial reflective

Note: The above coatings are just a standard ones for your reference. TEMTO will design a most suitable one for your products according to your detailed requirements. To make sure the products get the best performance.

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