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R&D Capability

TEMTO acts as an OEM solutions provider for your optical projects. We has a broad engineering resource, we will act rapidly and help you to check and develop the optimum design for your projects. We will work together with you for your current or future solutions and build to your exact requirements.

TEMTO is equipped with powerful optical design and coating design software, which enables us to provide the optical components for customers systems. The main design software we used is ZEMAX, some of the main functions of this software include:

--Tolerance calculation
--Optical components design
--Optical systems design
--Optical lens including zoom lens design
--OTF calculation with autocorrelation and DFT method

Our design and manufacturing engineers can offer innovative methods to remove cost from your product, or improve the performance. Based on your requirement of working, we will develop a solution that meets form, fitting and function specifications while satisfying your cost target. We always try to reduce your cost through design innovations, reduce part count, and design in manufacture ability.

We hope to join into your team of engineering, manufacturing and logistics. Work together, do better, fly higher!

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